Thursday, 14 June 2007

Campione d'Italia

Today we drove to Lugano and took the opportunity to visit the Italian exclave of Campione d'Italia - a small part of Italy entirely surrounded by Switzerland. Unfortunately David was suffering from car sickness so we didn't spend much time there other than driving through the town and taking a few photos at the entrance. I noticed that the police cars appeared to be Italian but had Swiss number plates. The other (not really border related at all) observation was all the cars that carefully parked at the side of the road (half on the sidewalk) UNDER the tunnels (presumably to keep in the shade).

David's right foot is in Italy, his left in Switzerland.

An unobstructed view along the border line

The border marker at the east side of the road.

Looking back in the opposite direction (i.e. westwards) along the border line

Border marker in the road surface. The border makes a 90° turn here.

You might also want to visit this really interesting website about the border markers of Campione d'Italia.

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