Friday, 15 August 2008

Suderwick - Dinxperlo

A short visit to the Dutch-German Border divided town of Dinxperlo/Suderwick. Here is a brief video (in 2 parts because of the YouTube limitation to 10 minutes per video) of my drive through this town - not as large as Kerkrade-Herzogenrath but similar in that the border runs down the middle of the street. I was alerted to this place by someone who had viewed my Kerkrade-Herzogenrath video on YouTube.

Suderwick/Dinxperlo are situated as shown in the map below:

The video starts at point 1 in the map below, proceeds to point 2 where I turn around and drive to point 3, where I turn around again and return to point 1.

Part 1 (5 min 50 sec)

Part 2 (6 min 37 sec)


nastasiatheyummyone said...

Kindly tell me if they capture biometric data of passengers landing at Riga Airport. If "yes", how is it done, eg by taking fingerprints or photos of passengers at Passport control desk, etc

nastasiatheyummyone said...

Can any of u wise and learned guys plse tell me where the least guarded portions are of the Belarus/Russian/Ukariane borders with the EU.
Time is of great essence in my request ...
Any other info on where the guards are mostly and partolling, and/or their normal standard operating procedures will be greatly appreciated!

Ralf said...

Hi Hugh,
I just found your videos.
Here are some additional informations:

The yellow crosses on the street are the marking of the official border.
Suderwick and Dinxperlo together have a Police-Department with one Policeman from Germany and one from the Netherlands.

The "Bridge" over the Mainstreet (Heelweg), is the cafeteria from the residential for the elderly (one part is German and the other one is from the Netherlands)