Friday, 6 July 2007


My next stop was at the BEDENL tripoint. This must be one of the most visited tripoints around and is very commercialised which made it less interesting for me than most - however a visit was necessary just for my own personal satisfaction.

Getting there from Roetgen, however, was not as simple as it seemed since I determined from the map that I could approach from the German side. However, this was not to be so by car since the road leading there is barred and available only to cyclists and pedestrians. So I drove back into the outskirts of Aachen, through Vaals in the Netherlands and then, dutifully following Tom-Tom's instructions, back into Belgium to approach from that direction. Foolishly paying 2€ to park (it was only later that I noticed others had just parked for free at the sides of the approach roads) I wandered around, took a few photos and rewarded myself with an ice-cream!!

This video is making an entire circle around the tripoint marker (I do correct my last mistake on the audio, but it gets lost in the wind!):

The tripoint marker from the Dutch side

...from the Belgian side:

...from the German side - note the small triangle in the stones indicating the former Neutral Moresnet borders, sandwiched between the Belgian and German sections. It could be argued that there should have been a small Belgian sliver between it and the German part as well as the main Belgian section since the former Neutral Moresnet territory is, today, entirely surrounded by Belgium except for where it meets the Netherlands and Germany at this point. However that was not always the case - for more information see the Neutral Moresnet website.

Dutch marker number one - some people think this marks the highest point in the Netherlands but this site seems to disagree, although it is probably not that far away.

Not knowing what this was, but noticing that other people seemed to like having their picture taken here, I snapped this one. It appears to be celebrating the EUREGIO initiative in the area. It is located on Dutch territory here.

Now on to some more challenging border hunting - the border stones of Neutral Moresnet (and a few others).

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