Friday, 6 July 2007

Vennbahn: Bahnübergang Andreaskreuz

The next stop before breakfast was the Andreaskreuz level crossing. A short drive down the road from Monschau station. (Of course there's a geocache here too).

This is looking back up the road to the south west

There was a small shrine at the side of the road.

I quickly spotted this border marker at the south east side of the road - I am standing in Belgium looking east towards Germany.

This is looking west - you can just see another border marker in the field on the other side of the road. The one in the field seemed much further from the railway line than I would have expected.

I climbed the barbed wire fence into the field (very carefully!!) to take the following photos looking in the other direction.

Hard to figure out which of these marks actually delineates the border.

...and finally a couple of videos - this one taken from the field on the west side of the road and railway.

and this from back near my car again.

Now on to Ruitzhof (picking up a couple of geocaches on the way as well)

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