Friday, 6 July 2007

Vennbahn: Lammersdorf

I stopped at a couple of crossings in Lammersdorf and then went to the station where there was another geocache - Vennbahn, Bahnhof Lammersdorf

This map shows the places that I stopped in Lammersdorf.

The first two level crossings are in residential areas. I took videos there:

This is on the street called "Im Venn" - the video is taken from south of the railway line and starts looking north north west

...and just round the corner on Wiehweg - the video is taken from east of the railway line and starts looking north west. The audio that is cut off at the end is " go and visit each other".

Here is a view of the Station building looking south-eastwards

...and from the same spot in the other direction

Sadly abandoned and left to decay

The waiting room...

Another geocacher apparently found another item of interest to railway buffs here - I did not spot this but am providing a link to it. For copyright reasons and blogspot's "Terms of Service" reasons I can't embed it into the blog itself. The photo is entitled wisselwerking.jpg (I think this is a Dutch word since this geocacher's log seems to be in Dutch).

Finally a short video clip of the station area taken from near where I found the geocache, which involved a short walk up the tracks to the north. The video starts and ends looking in a northerly direction.

Next I headed off for Roetgen via a circuitous route, finding 6 non-Vennbahn related caches on the way.

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