Friday, 9 May 2008


Following my investigation of Kerkrade-Herzogenrath I drove a short way south to where the German town of Aachen and the Dutch town of Vaals meet at the international border. After finding a geocache (Westwall Bunkercache "MG-Schild Wachtelkopf") near an old German bunker which was right across the road from the DENL border (just north of Vaals, on Senserbachweg), I drove through the outskirts of Aachen and the town of Vaals and then on to the BEDENL tripoint. Here is some video of parts of that trip.

Again, I hope this gives you a bit of a flavour of this part of my trip.

To see this in higher resolution you will need to visit the YouTube page where it is hosted.

Next stop - a few places on the Vennbahn and the BEDE border area as I head south towards Luxembourg.


Bill Burke said...

Hugh, In this video, where you first meet the border that is prevented from being crossed by bollards, there is a very small building, I think this is the smallest museum in in either Germany or the Netherlands. Did you visit it?

Bill Burke

Hugh said...

No - didn't stop except to turn the car around. I wasn't aware of the museum. Do you know what it is a museum of? The road, BTW, is Alte Vaalser Straße in Germany - Akenerstraat in Netherlands.