Friday, 9 May 2008

Vennbahn - L106 to Mützenich to Kalterherberg, Ruitzhof Enclave

Leaving the Aderich area I drove along the L106 through Mützenich to Kalterherberg and then into the Ruitzhof enclave. I have had to divide this video into two because of the YouTube 10 minute time limit.

Part One (Hosted at You Tube Here):

Part Two (Hosted at YouTube here):

Unfortunately one feature of my camera that I had not realised about is the "drop protection" that turns it off when it thinks it is being dropped. Because it writes the video image directly to a hard drive, this is to protect the disk. When I started to drive over the rough track at the end of the Ruitzhof enclave, the bouncing made it think it was being dropped and so it turned itself off. Sadly I didn't notice this until a long time afterwards so there was no video of the return journey recorded.

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